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Difference between Secure and Non-secure options:

There are plusses and minuses associated with the secure and non-secure connection options.

If you choose a secure connection, your browser and the home computer containing your mail messages will automatically set up an encrypted session for you behind the scenes before you enter your password to log on. You can tell the encrypted session is active by checking for a closed padlock or unbroken key symbol icon, usually found somewhere on the bar at the bottom of your browser window frame.

The disadvantage of a secure connection is that you may get a warning for images or other in-line files in html formatted mail, that points out there are insecure elements to the mail, and does not show them. Normal text messages do not have this problem in secure connections.

The advantage to a secure connection is that if you are in a location that has to make several internet hops to get to your mail account, anyone capturing your traffic on the line can only see the encrypted data when you type or download messages, and thus can not discern what your password is or read your messages. If someone learns your password he or she has the power to log on to your account and delete or change any of your files or mail, and to send mail as if it is from you.

Under either a secure or non-secure connection, you must continue to be careful about opening either mail or attachments that could in any probability be a virus program. The Imp mail processing program does the best job it can to sanitize mail and prevent virus type actions on your computer, but new security holes are always being found, and there is always a danger of unauthorized programming code being unleashed from untrusted messages or files. Since html format files are interpreted by the web mail system, any html actions can be accomplished. Be particularly suspicious of any popup windows that might appear and ask for sensitive information, such as a password to your online bank account.

Please contact support@csd.net if you have any questions, concerns, or problems with this service.

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